Blended Productions Video


Need a catchy ad? A way to introduce yourself to potential clients? Want to leave your grandkids a memorable piece of family history?  At Blended Productions we turn your ideas into a visual story that accomplishes your goals - whatever they may be.


The most prevalent element in today’s social media advertising is well-crafted videos. On average, a video has from 20 seconds to 4 minutes to capture our attention, entertain us, make us laugh, or cry, or encourage us to re-examine our previously held beliefs and perspectives. We share these short visual stories with our facebook friends, our co-workers, our loved ones.


We can work with you collaboratively or take on your video project from start to finish. If you have video material that you’ve collected, we can help you evaluate your treasures and perhaps edit them into a montage that describes an aspect of your life. Whatever your audio/video needs, at Blended we take time to listen to your ideas.