Blended Productions Audio


Blended Productions wants to use our audio production skills to produce audio books and at the same time help people in our community gain skills to be able to make money from their home - some are elderly, or disabled - but everyone of them want to be able to make use of their hardwork and talent to make extra income working from home, within their own schedules.


Audio books are one of the fastest growing media industries today, and there are many potential narrators right here in our own community. When Amazon bought ACX, Audiobook Exchange, they continued ACX’s goal to facilitate the connections and contractual relationships between audiobook narrators, authors, and book publishers, so that more novels, non-fiction books, and technical manuals could be  made available through audiobooks.


If you live in the Eugene/Springfield area, we welcome you to contact us here at Blended Productions if you are interested in finding out more about your potential as an audiobook narrator.  We will be happy to assess the particulars of your situation and show you how to get started, at no cost to you. Audiobook narration may be the career you’ve been waiting for.